Rhino Work Boots and Safety Shoes

Affordable Quality

Durability, comfort, trendsetting styling, and affordability are complemented by our excellent customer service.

When you order Rhino Work Boots & Safety Shoes, you can choose your models and sizes. You can mix them any way you want to complete your order.

More Reasons To Buy Rhino Footwear

  • Atlantic Surplus is an “Authorized Wholesale Distributor”.
  • Rhino Work Boots & Safety Shoes are the right boots, for the right price for the toughest jobs.
  • Mix models & sizes any way you want to complete your order.
  • Excellent quality, comfort, and durability.
  • Over 48 models for every workplace environment. 
  • Affordable cost – lets you get a great mark-up and still sell at prices affordable for your customers.
  • Minimum order for U.S. customers only (36) pairs.
  • Minimum order for International customers (100) pairs.
  • At Atlantic Surplus we are proud of our excellent customer service.